Title Management: Set Rights, Distribution Options and Pricing

Use this module to set and modify the licensing rights which apply to the titles in your catalogues.

1. Set default rights for all titles:  Start by setting default rights for all titles. The screenform shows the options available and defines each. Models include the license models offered to desLibris and CEL customers. In the desLibris platform, publishers may use Embargo to restrict exposure of books to selected markets.

2.  Advanced Search: Once default rights have been set, rights on individual titles may be altered. This may be done either as a group setting (i.e. change all titles of a given publication date) or one by one. To change a group of records, use “Advanced Search” to create the set.

3. Select All / Clear Selection: The number of titles in the working set is shown in the upper right hand corner of the title display area as “Current set.” You may add titles to the set by running sequential searches or selections. Once your working set is complete, click “Select all” to create an “active set.”

Note: when building sets, always start with “Clear selection” so that the working set is comprised of only the titles you select.

4. Number of selected titles

5. Titles in current set: This is the number of titles in the active set.

6. Set rights for selected titles: Use this to set variable rights for just the active set. To return all titles in a set to default settings, click on ???  The “Reset to default rights” button on this page will

7. Export selected titles to Excel or Onix: These buttons will create Excel or Onix record sets for the titles selected.

8. Current setting:  Each title carries an indicator of its rights settings, “Default” or “Customized.”

9. Edit metadata opens a screenform allowing for addition or editing of metadata in Onix. This is a good place to add discovery data, such as author bios, summaries, reviews and other related material.