Order Digital Conversions

To order conversions for titles in your catalogue, log in to desLibris and go to "Title Management" on your Publisher Dashboard.


Open “Conversion Orders”



In "Manage Titles" search and Click "Order Conversion" to place titles chosen for conversion into the Cart.



Go to your Cart (top right) to select formats required. Every format option is pre-priced based on page count.


“Confirm Order” provides a full statement of formats ordered and prices .


"Complete Order" will register the order and you will receive an email confirmation.


When converted files are ready, you will receive email which will contain a link from which you can download the files.

Converted files are also added to your Library. To see your Library, go to "Conversion Library" on your Dashboard. Where any title has been converted, you will see the formats available:

To review any order, go to Conversion Orders (step #1 above.) Choose any order and "Get link to completed order." This will produce a list of download links for any title in the order.

Finally, all converted files are also accessible and downloadable through your Repository, also available through the Dashboard.

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