New Title Submission

Publishers have several options for submitting titles for desLibris and Canadian Electronic Library:

  • using the desLibris/Sharefile site
  • using an ftp "fetch" site
  • using the menu-assisted module on the Publisher Dashboard 

desLibris/ShareFile: All registered Publishers have access to a customized filesharing site, which is accessible through the Publisher Dashboard under the "Access External Resources" tab. You can use the "Title and Metadata Submission" subfolder for direct title submissions. You may upload pdfs, covers, epubs and metadata. There is no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded at a time. 

FTP "Fetch" Sites:  This method is used by publishers working through Ingram's CoreSource and other intermediaries; titles to be made available to CEL/desLibris are posted on a site which we visit regularly to pick up new submissions (source files and metadata.) 

Menu-assisted submission:  Here your Publisher Dashboard is the starting point. To reach the dashboard, login to your Publisher Account. There are three options available in the "New Title Submission" panel: 

Simple upload: This will take you to your desLibris/Sharefile site where you can upload PDF and metadata. This is a good option if you're uncertain about the process. We will review your submission and draw any corrections to your attention. 

Single title submission:  Choose this option if you have no metadata prepared. This panel provides a webform for creating metadata one title at a time. There is an optional simple metadata submission form (see below) for quick submissions. Upon completion of the record, click on “Save and go to submission page” and you'll be taken to a page for submitting the PDF.

Multiple (Advanced) Title Submission:  Choose this option to submit a metadata file for one or more titles, and the corresponding assets.  The metadata may be in ONIX format or in Excel format, using the desLibris-CEL template.  The PDFs and covers are submitted as a zip file, with maximum size 600 MB.  

In step 1, you will select and upload your ONIX or Excel metadata file. (For Excel submissions, please use the Excel template you can download here.)

In step 2, you will upload the corresponding Asset files (eBooks and cover images).  All the files corresponding to the titles in the metadata file must be compressed into a single archive file (.zip or .gz) for uploading. 

PDFs and cover files must be named with the PDF ISBN (e.g. 9783334445556.pdf or 9783334445556.jpg,) but there is no standardized filename requirement for archive files, or for metadata (ONIX or Excel) files.

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