The desLibris HTML Reader

The Problem 

The only tools currently available to publishers for secure distribution of books are PDF and ePUB.

Although these formats are standardized, the inclusion of DRM (a necessity for publishers needing copyright protection) introduces variables which add complexity for both publishers and readers. Publishers selling  PDF and ePUB online report chronic problems with user support. Distributors like Apple and Amazon add features for their own readers which further exacerbate the problem.

The Solution

HTML5 is a standard format which is universally supported by all web browsers, so it renders content uniformly and consistently on any device or platform equipped with any browser. Around this standard, we have developed a reader which provides:

Simplicity for users: the reader delivers robust copy protection without requiring an app. So users get the simplicity of one-click download.

Protection for content owners: When books are downloaded (or "borrowed") in a library setting, IP authentication insures that DRM conditions are met before the HTML is delivered to a user. When books are purchased by an institution or an individual, a Java installer is delivered to the purchaser which associates the reader with the file or files that were purchased. Authentication is insured with a key that must be obtained from the site supplying the downloaded file.

High quality viewing: Books presented in HTML include bookmarks and external and internal hyperlinks as standard elements.

Using the desLibris reader, publishers may now offer secure DRM-protected online access to their titles to libraries and individuals.

For Publishers:

  • Registered users may download books from your website with one click.
  • There is no requirement for back-end DRM controllers like Adobe Content Server. DRM is built into the application.
  • Duration may be controlled to permit either permanent purchase or limited-term loan. 
  • Access may be limited to only one user or device.

For Users: 

  • Simple, one-click access. No offline reader applications are required. 
  • A superb reading experience, marrying the quality of PDF with the navigational ease of ePUB.
  • Offline or online reading.

How does it work?

The reader is encrypted, affixed to a single title or user, and time-stamped. After the book is downloaded, the reader is authorized for the device on which it is used, preventing use on other devices. The authorization key must be obtained from the site from which the file was downloaded. 
Every title submitted to desLibris is converted and available in the new reader. The reader may be licensed from Canadian Electronic Library as a component of publiq or as a standalone app.