The Discovery Package

This option is designed for publishers who have completed their book in PDF, but need help in the creation of epub formats and metadata.

Under this option, Publisher supplies: 

  • ISBN
  • PDF
  • Basic metadata

We provide: 

  • Enhanced PDF
  • POD-ready PDF
  • Reflowable and fixed layout epub
  • Full Onix metadata

This package includes everything needed to submit ebooks to distributors like Amazon, Kobo or Smashwords. Or to a print-on-demand service printer. Once conversion is complete, distribution of epub and metadata to distirbution partners may be done through the Publisher Repository.

This service item is available to all desLibris publishers for any title in the system. See here for submission instructions

Distribution through CEL/desLibris is optional. All distribution choices may be set using the Manage Titles module on the Publisher Dashboard.  

To order, go to your Publisher Dashboard and select Order Conversion. From the menu of items, choose "Discovery Package." Or work from the TItle Management module as described here. 

After order placement you will receive an email confirmation; the materials (epub and metadata) will  be delivered within a week to 10 days. 

If you are starting with a manuscript (you have not yet produced a PDF,) use our Composition Service to get your book to the distribution stage.