Digital Formats for ebooks

ePUB2 OR ePUB3? 

All conversions produced by EBB conform to the ePUB3 standard; these can be validated by the ePUB checker found at 

Reflowable ePUB

This is the most prevalent ePUB format. It gives you an ebook legible on all sizes and types of screens—from the small cell phone screen to a large desktop reader.  The reflowable format does not support:

•    Full-bleed images
•    Text placed over images
•    Multiple columns of text (text in reflowable ebooks must be in full-width paragraphs)

Fixed Layout ePUB

These are HTML-based eBook files that are usually designed to match the layout of a print book. They work best for textbooks, technical or scholarly works, illustrated children's books, coffee-table books, comic books, comic strips, and magazine-style layouts. Features:

•    More control over page layout because they are coded to each specific device.
•    Images can spread across the entire page
•    The ebook text can be placed over images
•    Text can be arranged in multiple columns within a page 

Web-enhanced PDF


Formats accepted by major ebook retail vendors

   Fixed Layout  Reflowable  PDF  HTML/Word
 Amazon  Yes (KF8)  Yes (Mobi)  No No
 Apple  Yes Yes iBook No
 Google  Yes Yes Yes No
 Kobo  Yes Yes No No
Overdrive   Yes Yes Yes  No
Barnes & Noble  Yes Yes Page Perfect No
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